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The Art of Jewish Healing 2

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When life is not a song, sing! When King David was ill, he sang. He who sings frightens away his ills. Ask yourself: Why do people always smile when they sing? Singing is an antidote to panic. The Hasidim taught us that. It lightens the burden, lessens the fear, steadies the nerves.

Singing gives voice to our deepest feelings; it enables us to express ourselves even if we are the only ones who hear it. It is because we hear the sounds of life echoing inside and it lifts our heart.

Singing helps us to express our anxiety. If you feel the onset of despair, sing out your despair in a song or tune. To groan when we are ill is common; to sing is courageous. Think actively, sing passionately. It will break the most common gridlocks of illness, and let your soul soar to new heights.

When you start to sing you'll notice, suddenly, something shifts. You'll feel a ray of light. You will notice what is working within you. For a moment, you can be glad to be here. You can sing after all. Sing songs of gratitude, for what is working in your body, in your life. You are breathing. You are here. The sun is still shining. You still have things you can do. Sing! You are alive!

Singing or humming an upbeat song is a powerful way to guide yourself and influence your mood and state of mind.

If you feel uninspired, negative or depressed, choose a melody with a positive energy. Sometimes, even when you begin humming a favorite song, it may take some effort to get into the right spirit. But don't give up. Persist and sing it over and over again, you will find that the melody will begin to lift you. It will bring healing rhythms into your soul, your mind and your very body.

Keep singing! And then sing some more! It will lighten your heart!



The weaker and more depressed the music of the soul, the more sluggish the metabolism becomes. This leaves the body less and less able to withstand regular wear and tear,let alone the ravages of illness or injury. But with happy music, positive attitudes, cheerfulness and joy the entire system becomes invigorated and the functioning of all the cells and organs of the body is enhanced, bringing heightened physical immunity, increased stamina and greater well being.

Feed and nourish the cells of your body with the right songs: happy, healing songs! The songs of life! This applies quite literally. Get into the habit of singing happy, inspiring melodies. Try! Experiment! Choose a favorite tune and work with it for five minutes. See what happens. At first your singing may feel a little uninspired, but if it's a good melody and you are prepared to get into It, youll soon see how the melody will start to lift you up, bringing you new vitality, greater optimism and more positive thoughts and feelings. Do this regularly. When you don't feel like singing yourself, have others sing or play to you, or listen to recordings of your favorite music.

From: Azamra


"Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melach Ha'Olam
rofey chol basar, u-maflee la'asoht"

"Blessed are You, O Lord our God,
Creator of the Universe, who
gives voice to our songs and
performs healing miracles daily."