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What is Hypnotherapy?
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This site is meant to help supplement
traditional medical treatment. It is not
meant as a replacement for traditional
medical care. It is vitally important
that you check with your doctor before
working with any complementary therapy.


Here you will discover how Personal Power Hypnosis
can help you to heal yourself. Learn what you need to do to help eliminate unwanted fears, stress, pain and illness.

In this site you will find out just how powerful your inner resources
can be! By combining the practicality of hypnotherapy with modern alternative healing therapies, one can power-boost the healing processes within.

However, be aware that these techniques are not quick fixes for difficult problems. A person must be patient and work with what he/she learns over time. Results, often subtle, sometimes occur in completely unexpected ways.

Return often and please recommend this site to others. 

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

Many, many doctors and psychologists state that there are no dangers involved with hypnosis-- only in being ignorant of it.

Dr. David Cheek, M.D., a noted authority writes:

"We can do more harm with ignorance of hypnotism than we could ever do by using hypnosis and suggestion constructively"


Dr. William S. Kroger, author of "Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis," states:

"Platonof, an associate of Pavlov, who used hypnosis over fifty years on over fifty-thousand cases, reports as follows: 'We have never observed any harmful influences on the patient which could be ascribed to the method of hypno-suggestion therapy, or a tendency toward the development of unstable personality, weakening of the will, or pathological urge for hypnosis."


As stated in "The Psychology of Mental Health," Dr. Louie P. Thorpe, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, writes:

"Hypnotism is a natural phenomena, and there are no known deleterious effects from its use."


Leslie N. LeCron, Psychologist, states:

"As to self-induction, many thousands have learned it and I have yet to hear a report of any bad results of its use"


Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Ph.D., a highly regarded authority in the field of mind science, writes:

"As far as it is known today, hypnosis per se is no more dangerous than natural sleep. There is no evidence that hypnosis in itself weakens the will, damages the nervous system or in any way adversely affects the physical or mental well being of individuals."

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is extremely effective and powerful self-persuasion.

Does hypnosis really work?

Yes. The power of hypnosis is documented by doctors, dentists and many other leading health professionals. It was approved as a legitimate medical and dental treatment method by the American Medical Association in 1958.

Is a hypnotist a creep with a goatee and a monocle?

Not quite. A hypnotist is a motivational coach and a stress management consultant. They accomplish this by being a teacher and a guide. A hypnotist will teach you about your mind relative to how hypnosis helps and then she or he will guide you to a beautiful state of trance where you can empower yourself.

Can I learn to hypnotize myself?

Easily. All it requires is good training. The truth of the matter is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Is hypnosis mind control?

Hypnosis in not brainwashing. There are those who think that hypnosis is dangerous because they believe that a hypnotist can implant false memories into someone's brain or alter someone's personality somehow.

No one in a court of law has ever been able to prove that a hypnotized individual did something against their innate morals and values simply because they were in a hypnotic trance.

When you're hypnotized, YOU have complete control of your actions, thoughts and feelings.

Is hypnosis guaranteed?

Again, the hypnotist can't make you do something you don't really want to do. So if you don't really want to quit smoking, you won't quit. However, hypnosis can improve your odds of success considerably if and when you're ready to quit. Hypnosis can also make the transition of a smoker to a non-smoker easier and faster.

Is hypnosis really like what they show on T.V.?

Yes and no. What you see on stage or in the movies is entertainment hypnosis. All of the people participating are volunteers who have agreed to follow the hypnotists suggestions. It is an excellent bet that most of the people on stage are not even hypnotized; they are just go along with the fun.

Do people really lose control of their minds?

Absolutely not. A person can't be forced into a state of trance. What is really interesting is that medical professionals have determined that when a person is truly in a deep state of trance, they have greater control of their minds and bodies than they do in a state of 'normal' or non-hypnotic consciousness.

Can a hypnotist make a person do something?

Absolutely not. Nor will a person ever reveal secrets while in a state of trance. So, if you're thinking of hypnotizing your husband and getting him to tell you his secrets, forget it.

Is this Past Life Regression stuff a hoax or what?

Please remember that there was a time when all the greatest minds agreed that humans would never fly. Also, what would have been the common reaction 30 years ago to the idea of a TV the size of a wristwatch? Past Life Regression may someday fall into that same category. There are a number of cases that have been documented and apparently verified. It has also been shown to be useful in helping people to effect positive change in their present lives. At the very least, it is a fun an interesting topic of conversation.

Can hypnosis be used medically?

Yes. The astonishing effects of hypnosis has been documented time and time again by doctors and other health professionals. However no ethical or professional hypnotist will ever perform any medically related hypnotic work without proper medical authorization. To do so, ever for headaches, is illegal and could be dangerous.

Please bear in mind that hypnosis has been extensively documented to help people with many health, medical, emotional and motivation situations.

Thank you.

Something to consider...Could it somehow be harmful if a person did not learn how to use their mind in an effective and powerful manner?

"As you think, so you are."

"Who I am ~ What I do" (See Below)


In my study of Hypnotherapy and it's therapeudic benefits, I was astonished to discover that our minds have such a tremendous influence on the workings of our bodies. In fact, many of the books I had been reading, written by medical doctors, confirmed this observation.

The more I read, the more convinced I became that the mind, body, spirit connection was real and could be used to help people help themselves.

I strongly believe and current research supports the theory that when a person is pro active in his/her healing process, something positive gets added to the process and remarkable results can occur.

My work is to help people discover the healing power within. Once a person
finds it, everything in life begins to shift. Negative experiences endured as children, adolescents, or even as an adults can be emotionally disarmed in ways that decrease the toxicity of the impact to one's mental and physical well being. This shift in thinking can result in permanent and profound healing.

However, because most of us yearn for security, we often become intimidated by new ideas and new ways of thinking. Understandably,we feel more comfortable with what we know and is familiar to us. Nevertheless, the very essence of life is change and transformation. Healing can be a positive byproduct of that growth and change.

Of course, the ability to help heal oneself varies from person to person. It is my assertion though, that anyone can power boost the benefits he or she receives from traditional therapies by working with me on integrative mind/body therapies.

If what you read in this web site helps you or if I can help you in person, please contact me.

Allan Koven,
CCHT (Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Member: The International Medical and
Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Member: The National Guild of Hypnotists

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