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The 'Art' of Jewish Healing

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Only action can cause re-action.
Action fueled by emotion creates results.
Positive action fueled with emotion creates positive results!

Our Rabbis have asserted that "Faith without action serves no useful purpose."

Repeated affirmations are a tool used to create action, to
create belief in what is possible.

Repeated affirmations will often create miraculous results.  Believe it!

But affirmations without action can be the beginnings of self-delusion.

And for your well-being there is little worse than self-delusion.

Words can soothe like a narcotic. They can also lull one into a state of complacency.

faith combined with affirmations combined with action
is all powerful!

The action of releasing negative guilt, fear and anger, allows one to become free. 

Free to affirm love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Focus on what you can do for others and then
act on what you can do for others.

When Tikkun HaLev (Healing of the heart)
occurs, overall healing will occur.



Self-healing come from mind power. The Baal Shem Tov, Jewish scholars and Jewish healers knew how to use it. Now you can too! It is a God given mental quality within you. Use this knowledge to tap into your life neshamah and release it into the organs and cells of your body.

Talk to your body about its ability to heal, tell it to use the power of the living memory within your cells (your neshamah) to heal you.

Proclaim commanding LIFE affirmations! Think intently upon the life forces within to activate your healing powers. Talk to yourself about energy, force, and power. Transform your thoughts into mind actions.

Your sub-conscious mind will then cause the life currents to flow swiftly throughout your whole being resulting in increased vitality and the activation of a potent immunity response.

When you feel tired, run down, or discouraged,that is the time to call upon the mind power of life within you. This power to resurrect new energy is not a supernatural one. In each cell and atom of your body is life, substance and intelligence.

Speak words of life over and over until you feel your body responding.
Do not give up or quit!
The more you do it the more you re-animate your life neshamah. Charge the cells of your body with affirmations of life because they are receptive and always listening. Dwell upon the idea of life and your body will take up this idea and act upon it,first consciously and then subconsciously.

Your body is made up of trillions of atoms. At the center of each atom in your body there is a central light around which lesser lights are constantly circling. At the center of each one of these atoms is life and energy. When you affirm LIFE you stir up and bring into action that tremendous atomic energy in your body. When you affirm LIFE, you are working with formidable atom energy that is all powerful and your belief will allow it to act, releasing the Klippot (the veils hiding your healing potential).

Now begin to recharge with your life neshamah. Start at the top of the head and mentally go down through the various parts of the body, decreeing LIFE, LIFE, LIFE! As you decree it, feel a current of excitement, enthusiasm, and a warm electrical energy come alive within you in all parts of your body.

Visualize the transforming happening in your body. Allow yourself to feel the flow of activated electrical energy envelop all the cells and organs inside of you.

Give you life neshamah the resolve it needs. Commit to working on these techniques daily
and you will experience powerful positive changes in your life and "healing" will occur.

Proclaim the affimations below out loud, with emotion,
with feeling. They are powerful, curative words which
will profoundly help you in your healing process!



I am stimulated and energized with the life affirming words "L'CHAIM"!

I an happy,exhilerated and exited about life and living!

I am a ever-renewing, ever unfolding expression of
life's wonderous experience! L'CHAIM!

My mind and body are constantly being re-juvenated with the Malkut (God energy) of miraculous life force and I am abundantly overlowing with positive life energy! L'CHAIM!

Life affirmations strengthen my mind and body. Malkut energy flows through my veins,enters my tissues,nerves muscles and cells. My eyes shine brightly, my skin glows, my whole body is radiating good health! L'CHAIM!

Do these simple affirmations sound too simple to work?
If you doubt their power, then reverse the process.
Try saying over and over to yourself: "I am lost;
I am depressed; I will never get better."

Notice how awful you will soon feel. By insisting
on the positive, "I am health, peace, strength and
happiness," you can watch the events of your life
begin to move in that direction.