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Is Hypnosis Effective?
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Is Hypnosis Effective?
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Hypnosis helps one release natural chemical brain tranquilizers. Because stress is thought by many to be a major contributing factor in numerous illnesses, hypnosis practioners are able to effect positive results by helping people lower blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels.

Hypnosis has also been proven helpful in treating such other stress related conditions as headaches, chronic pain in the neck or back, spastic colon, and cramping from premenstrual syndrome.

Want to quit smoking...lose weight...have a better life?

Hypnosis can help!

Your sub-conscious mind is a powerful tool and when given the proper suggestions, will go to work to accomplish the goals you set for it. Even people with serious illnesses can benefit from hypnosis.

Researchers at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio found that people with cancer who used hypnosis while receiving chemotherapy felt more relaxed, better prepared for their treatment and more positive about care than those who didn't use the technique.

Visualization and other relaxation methods may produce significant benefits, often by helping to ease pain and lift depression. Research is continuing to determine whether even more spectacular results can be achieved.

Two cases are quoted below from literature on the effectiveness of hypnosis.

A Walk on the Beach

Heidi, thirty-five, was scheduled for a round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. The treatment was to take place on Friday and she and her husband had tickets to fly to Hawaii on Saturday for a week's vacation.

As is routine, she was called into the treatment center for a blood check on the Monday before to make sure her white cell count had recovered enough from the previous treatment to allow her to qualify for the next one.

To her shock, she was told that her white count was only about half of what it should be and she would probably have to forego her vacation. For four days she practiced self-hypnosis intensively several times a day, concentrating on raising her white count.

She used images of the bone marrow releasing a steady, strong flow of white cells into her bloodstream and spreading throughout her body. She also imagined directing her breath into the bone marrow and thereby nourishing the stem cells (that produce the white cells) so that they could grow and release more white cells.

On that Friday, she went in for another blood test. Her white count had more than doubled. She was able to have the treatment and the next day was able to walk on the beach with her husband.

The Vital Fluid

Carol Anne was scheduled to undergo a complicated abdominal surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Her surgeon told her
that patients undergoing this procedure typically lose ten to eleven units of blood.

For several days prior to the surgery, Carol Anne practiced a form of hypnosis in which she pictured her body going through the surgery without losing any blood, the tissues knitting back together smoothly, no complications, and a speedy recovery.

She also imagined the look on the surgeon's face when he realized that no blood had been lost. The day after the surgery,the surgeon came into her room and congratulated her on how well she had come through the ordeal.

To his amazement, she had required only one unit of blood. When she told him of her preparations, he smiled and
walked out shaking his head.

These two stories are representative of the many thousands of people who are helped daily with hypnosis. I firmly believe you too, can benefit from hypnosis. Please call me for a free consultation.

Hypnotherapy can help manage our emotions by increasing intuition and clarity.
It helps us self-regulate our brain chemicals and internal hormones.
It gives us natural highs, the real fountain of youth we've been searching for.
It enables us to drink from elixirs locked within our cells,
just waiting for us to discover them.