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The 'Art' of Jewish Healing

What is The 'Art' of Jewish Healing?
What is The 'Art' of Jewish Healing?
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The 'Art' of Jewish Healing #2
The 'Art' of Jewish Healing #3
The 'Art' of Jewish Healing #4
The 'Art' of Jewish Healing #5
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Jewish Healing methods can assist you in calling forth the powerful forces within to help you heal your mind, body and spirit. This Ancient and Modern Rabbinic knowledge helps one better understand the dynamics of many illnesses and encourages change to effect healing. 

Many Jewish people have turned to the wisdom of the eastern religions for guidance, but now Jews are demanding it from Judaism

Until now Jewish healing has been primarily paliative, consoling the sorrow of grief and the despair of illness through prayer.

However, working with the 'Art' of Jewish Healing, one will begin to recognize the necessity of taking a much more aggressive and pro-active role in 

In the 'Art' of Jewish Healing, one learns that our real selves include not only the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of our being. This knowledge can help us begin to take responsibility for what we think and how we react to what we think.

The 'Art' of Jewish Healing will teach us that our thoughts and feelings are an unalterable part of ourselves, deeply buried in our suppressed subconscious. The subconscious, where all these unwanted feelings are stored, is analogous to a steam boiler; once the pressure builds to a critical point, it must be released. The excess repression shows up in the nastiest forms; disease, illness, addictions- all prevent negative feelings from arising.

What's more, we nourish these hidden feelings and project them on to unsuspecting others, erroneously believing that everyone shares the same beliefs and values, thereby adding to the conflicts within. Such behavior often results in our bodies response to those conflicts. Many doctors now believe there is a correlation between what the mind believes and how the body reacts to those beliefs. Feelings and beliefs are not just in your mind; they are sensations in your body. One might sense them in the pit of the stomach, the heart center or the throat. It's important that we recognize them.  Healing takes place in the presence of a healing environment (like cleansing a wound that heals itself). It can be created through the utilization of Jewish Healthing Therapies, prayer, meditation, guided imagery and visualization. With enough practice you'll find the healing sea part for you and God-willing, toxic thinking and "negative" energies can be eliminated from your mind and body.

Excepts from:
"A Groundwork for Jewish Healing"
By Wally Spiegler


It is only when something strongly interferes with our comforts that we resort to our spiritual side.  And that intruder is frequently illness.

Long before there were physicians, humans knew they had an inner healing force or power.

Different cultures have approached it in different ways, but all tap into the same source.

A modern American doctor, in our multi-cultural society, has to try to be all things to all people.

But, like everyone else, doctors are limited by their own personalities, background, and education.

So, however, are their patients! This sometimes leads to communication problems on even the simplest levels.

When it comes to discussing an invisible healing power within ourselves, something that we all have and that only needs to be released, we must first be willing to reconsider what we might have believed to be true.

Spiritual power and religious belief help us bear sorrow and stress. In poor health, they promote recovery and prolong survival. In good health, they help us enjoy a harmonious life, handle unavoidable stress, and they even build resilience in those who thrive on stress and excitement.

I do not see modern medicine as being beyond the bounds of religion, ethics, or scientific principles.

We soon discover that many times healing occurs without
being understood by the intellect.

Well then, shouldn't we be willing to look beyond the intellectual mind?

My answer is, undoubtedly YES!

So come, let us explore together.



Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught...
...that emotional and physical vitality could be attained through the experience of  JOY.
Therefore we must consistantly re-inforce
 those practices which will lead us there.