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The Art of Jewish Healing 2

What is The 'Art' of Jewish Healing?
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This site is meant to help supplement
traditional medical treatment. It is not
meant as a replacement for traditional
medical care. It is vitally important
that you check with your doctor before
working with any complementary therapy.


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There you will discover how  The 'Art' of Jewish Healing'  can help you to heal yourself. Learn what you need to do to help eliminate unwanted fears, stress, pain and illness.

In this site you will find out just how powerful your inner resources can be! By combining the practicality of mind/body healing with ancient Jewish healing therapies one can power-boost the healing processes within.

However, be aware that these techniques are not quick fixes for difficult problems. A person must be patient and work with what he/she learns over time. Results, often subtle, sometimes occur in completely unexpected ways.

Return often and please recommend this site to others.

From my 'neshama' (Jewish soul essence) to yours,


"Who I am ~ What I do" (See Below)


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"Akiva" is my Hebrew name. It can mean different things to different people. To me it symbolizes my Jewish heritage.

For the past 30 years I have been a searcher and 'God wrestler'.

In my quest for answers, I learned that Judaism offers ancient methods to aid in one's healing.  Most of my co-religionists were not aware that such material was available.

I was astonished to discover that our what the Rabbis and Jewish scholars have taught is that our minds have such a tremendous influence on the workings of our bodies. In fact, many of the books I had been reading, written by Rabbis, Jewish mystics and well known current day medical doctors have confirmed that observation.

The more I read,
the more convinced I became that the mind, body, spirit connection was real and could be used to help people help themselves. In addition, I found wonderful techniques available in our Jewish traditon. 

Our Rabbis have taught and current research supports the theory that when a person is extremely pro-active in his/her healing process, something positive gets added to the process and remarkable results can occur .

My work is to help people discover the healing power within Jewish teachings. Once a person finds it, everything in life begins to shift. Negative experiences endured as children, adolescents, or even as an adults can be emotionally disarmed in ways that decrease the toxicity of the impact to one's mental and physical well being.
This shift in thinking can result in permanent and profound healing.

However, because most of us yearn for security, we often become intimidated by new ideas and new ways of thinking. Understandably, we feel more comfortable with what we know and is familiar to us. Nevertheless, the very essence of life is change and transformation. 'The 'Art' of Jewish Healing' can be a positive byproduct of that growth and change if you are willing to explore and practice the methods.

Of course, the ability to help heal oneself varies from person to person. It is my assertion though, that anyone can power boost the benefits he or she receives from traditional therapies by working with me on Judaic and integrative mind/body therapies. 
These therapies have worked for others and they can work for you!

If what you read in this web site helps you or if I can help you in person, please contact me.

From my neshamah (soul essence) to yours,


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