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The Art of Jewish Healing 2

24 Hours To Feeling Better
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24 Hours To Feeling Better
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For The Next 24 Hours, I Will...

1., laugh, love and be happy. I will deliberately speak and think positive thoughts about people and events. If a negative thought enters my mind, I will visualize it leaving and will replace it with a more positive one.

2. ...look for the good in people and overlook the bad.

3. ...make time to relax my mind and body. I am thinking of a beautiful scene, a sunset, a moonlit night, the ocean, or other pleasant place and am letting the scene quiet my mind and relax my body.

4. ...remember that when I feel myself get tense and uptight about people and situations, I will take three deep breaths and then visualize the tension leaving my body as I exhale. I am recalling a happy event and am enjoying the feeling.

5. ...listen to quiet music and be still. I let it soothe my anxious spirit.

6. ...learn to be amused by my weaknesses and that of others.I won't let those weaknesses upset or distract me.

7. ...not take myself, others, or life too seriously.

8. ...remember that good health requires a healthy body and a healthy mind and I am working to improve both.

9. ...remind myself that health of body, mind and spirit is within my control.

10. ...learn to laugh and let laughter heal my spirit. Laughter is the best medicine for me.

11. work and enjoy it. I will change my attitude toward work and the people with whom I come in contact so that joy will return to my life in abundance.

12. others as they are, not as I want them to be.

13. ...remember that worry and fear are destructive. They rob me of happiness and joy. I am letting go of worry and fear and will trust in a power greater than myself.

14. ...count my blessings each day.

15. fully, laugh heartily, relax daily, love completely and enjoy the journey.